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Welcome to the Museum of Shadow Theatre named “Spathario” which belongs to the Municipality of Maroussi. Spatharis' family The Shadow Theatre is not only one of the most interesting kinds of art but it is one of the most attractive subjects of study and research as well. There are still many dark and unknown signs about the Karagiozis theatre origins, so, the history of its creation are based on oral traditions and legends. The characters in the Greek shadow theatre as performed by Brachalis were: Karagiozis, Hadziavatis, two Pashas, two Beys, Velighekas, the Pasha's daughter, a lady of the harem and some Turkish soldiers. From the time of Mimaros up to 1916 Karagiozis' shadow was made of sheet metal or thick tin. The legs and waist were secured with string. The other figures were made of cardboard. Hours of operation
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Spatharia '09
10th Festival of Greek Shadow Theatre
2-6 September
time 20.30


Σπαθάρεια '09