Spathario Museum

Spathario Museum

Welcome to “Spathario”, the Museum of Shadow Theatre that belongs to the Municipality of Maroussi. “Spathario” is the first and unique museum of shadow theatre in the world, wherefore, I hope, that not only Maroussi’s citizens but all Greek people must be proud of it.

It was inaugurated the 22nd of June 1995 and its creation was one of my biggest dreams.
My wife along some friends and also members of the Municipal Council, who were warm adorers of Karagiozis’ art, proposed to the Mayor of Maroussi, Panayiotis Tzanikos, the creation of an Institution.

The Mayor and the Town Counsellors accepted it with a will, so, we began all together to prepare its legal form. In 1991 a Board of Directors was formed for the Institution officially titled “Spathario – Museum of Shadow Theatre” and the erection of an old classic building started in the centre of Maroussi. The coincidence was that in Kastalia square, where the Museum is today, in 1942, I began my career.

The main intention of the Museum is not to show a “lifeless exhibition of shadows” or to screen Karagiozis figures from view and put them in big suitcases.

On the contrary, the intention is to keep them alive in a permanent hospitable home in which all young and old visitors will be accepted to amuse themselves and leave satisfied.

Karagiozis’ friends can also travel in the magic world of shadows learning about the performances and their history.

I would like to congratulate the Municipality of Maroussi and especially I would like to thank the Mayor, Mr. Panayiotis Tzanikos, for such a special and important gift to the Greek and foreign people, that is “Spathario”, the Museum of Greek Shadow Theatre.