Eugenios Spatharis, a man of many talents, began his career in this sector by painting the advertising posters and sign-boards (““advertisements”) for his father’s repertoire and for his own as well.

Later, he used this talent for decorating theatrical costumes and sceneries.

His big experience gave him the opportunity to be developed in professional painter. As a “naive” painter he keeps the synthesis on one flat, the profile of the faces, the clear lines of the shapes and the simplicity of the design.

The special characteristic and the difference between him and the other vernacular painters is that he describes his subjects working very much with his chromatic shades and he renders successfully anadmirable natural colour.

His paintings represent the Greek social life, the Greek mythology, many historical facts, heroes of the Greek Revolution – 1821, Greek popular subjects, folk songs and others. He has illustrated numerous books, especially for children and several advertising calendars for well-known companies and, naturally, for “Spathario Museum”.

He has held more than 50 personal exhibitions and he has taken part in more than 30 group and Pan-Hellenic exhibitions. His paintings have been also exhibited in 20 countries.